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Student Scholarships

The Arkansas School Psychology Association (ASPA) Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee is seeking applicants for the ASPA Student Scholarship.

A student member of ASPA can apply for the once-yearly $2,000 scholarship by submitting their application. Applications are available on the website ( Each application must be received by September 1 and shall include the following:

ASPA Scholarship Application Form
Personal Statement
University Program Director Acknowledgement Form (all found at bottom of page)

Questions about the ASPA scholarship should directed to Immediate Past-President. 


- Application and Essay Form are sent to the Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee Chairperson
- Application and Essay are “prepped” for review by removing the applicant’s identifying information.
- Volunteer reviewers are solicited from the ASPA Board.
- The reviewers are sent the previously prepped applications and essays for review.
- Once reviewed, the volunteer reviewers send each the student’s scores, according to the scholarship rubric, to the NEA Committee chairperson.
- Scores are tallied for each applicant by the NEA Committee chairperson.

The student with the highest overall combined score is then determined to be the recipient of the scholarship. 

Summary of Rubric

The following is a brief summary of the characteristics/qualities that the ASPA board is looking for in a scholarship recipient:

- Commitment to professional organizations; state and national
- Contributions to professional organizations; state and national
- Participation and leadership in student or campus organizations
- Evidence of remarkable achievements, awards or a or accomplishments
- Exemplary career and personal goals

Student Scholarship Application
ASPA Student Scholarship Program Director Approval Form
ASPA Student Scholarship Rubric

Student Poster Presentations

ASPA offers an opportunity for undergraduate psychology majors and graduate students in school psychology to present their scholarship before a professional audience. The Annual Student Poster Session is designed to allow students to enhance their skills in writing, presentation, and scholarship. The session is also designed as a vehicle for disseminating professional ideas. Another benefit of this activity is to allow students to learn more about the profession of school psychology. Finally, the Annual Student Poster Session facilitates associations between students, school psychologists and/or university professors. Each year our students are offered opportunities to present research at the Annual Fall Conference. 

Please download the student poster form here. 

After completion scan/email the form to: [email protected]